An ARISE-US Symposium

Wildfire Risk Reduction – Connecting the Dots

wildfireWildfire risk is both growing and changing, driven by the combined impacts of expanding settlement boundaries and climate change, and exacerbated in some cases by historical forest management practices. This trend is stressing existing approaches to managing and insuring wildfire risk in several ways:

  • Current methods for insuring wildfire risk do not appear to be fit for purpose, as evidenced by the growing cost and decreasing availability of coverage.
  • New methods are needed for modeling, assessing and pricing risk, and on structuring and pricing insurance cover (as for example set out in The Nature Conservancy’s and Willis Towers Watson’s paper).
  • These methods need also to address additional risks and risk transfer from post-fire landslides and flash flooding on denuded land.
  • There needs to be a clear and agreed delineation of the roles and mutual expectations of major stakeholders.
  • There needs to be a shared understanding of the growing availability of data relevant to wildfire risk management, and how best to use and share this.
  • A cycle needs to be established for review and improvement based on shared understanding of wildfire outcomes, both insured and uninsured.

This web-based symposium features public and private sector experts in the field and, with active participation from the audience, discusses solutions to these challenges.

Watch the Symposium

Who Should Watch?

This symposium offers access to the latest thinking on wildfire DRR for insurers, governments, engineers and other risk managers, land/building owners, catastrophe modelers, financial services and community organizations. Coming soon: A white paper or similar outlining the key issues and points made in the symposium.

Meet the Speakers


(keynote speaker)

Dave Jones

Former Insurance Commissioner, State of California



Nidia Martinez PhD

Director, Climate Risk Analytics, Willis Towers Watson



Molly Mowery

President, Wildfire Planning International




Lou Gritzo

VP Research, FM Global




Ryan Bank

Global Managing Director, Geospatial Insurance Consortium



Mark Vessely

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BGC Engineering Inc



Mark Finney

US Forest Service



Peter Williams PhD




Jeff Czajkowski

Director Center for Insurance Policy and Research, NAIC



Subarna Bhattacharyya

Co-Founder & CEO, Climformatics



Joyce Coffee

President, Climate Resilience Consulting




The organizing committee for the Symposium consists of: Hosam Ali (FM Global); Ryan Bank (GIC); Joyce Coffee (Climate Resilience Consulting and ARISE-US); Lou Gritzo (FM Global); Debbra Johnson (ARISE-US); Zeneca Kubota (BGC Engineering); Nidia Martinez (WTW); Paula Pagniez (WTW); Camila Tapias (SPIN Global and ARISE-US); Mark Vessely (BGC Engineering); Peter Williams (PWS and ARISE-US).


ARISE is UN DRR’s vehicle for encouraging public-private collaboration in disaster risk reduction. Find out more at: ARISE-US is the US chapter of ARISE. To join ARISE-US (membership is free), contact Peter Williams, at, or Debbra Johnson at